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Described as “Catch 22” meets “Three Days of the Condor”, this techno-thriller-with-a-dark-comedy-attitude incorporates realistic technological details in a story about the end of privacy and the consequences of transparency. Young Charlie Sanders is offered a six-figure job after only thirty seconds into a job interview and then finds himself mistakenly handed the company’s only prototype that can erase any and all privacy in our society.  While navigating his new company and learning how to use the technology, Charlie engages with an ensemble cast of characters which propels the story forward, including a VP of sales who actually hypnotizes his clients; a pompous, “connected” corporate “fixer”; a “man-killer” gorgeous business development exec and the powerful brother-sister team which owns the company.  Politicians get wind of what is happening and demand a demonstration of the technology – which will only communicate directly with Charlie via a tiny earbud/microphone he wears which makes him the expert on everything and everyone’s business – and essential to any future plans anyone has with it.  However, the technology begins to have its own ideas and makes death threats against Charlie’s girlfriend unless young Charlie Sanders completes new orders he is given…


About the Author:

Edward David Gil lives in middle Tennessee with his wife and two boys.  Three elements led him to wanting to become a storyteller: 1. “teachers” including Mark Twain, Scott Rosenberg, Ira Levin, Robert Heinlein and too many others; 2. a period of working at three film and television studios in Los Angeles, in creative and business capacities and then founding a technology company involved in advanced analytics; 3. the misfortune of living in “interesting times” at an inflection point in history that continues to reveal bald truths about character and twists in the geopolitical story that we all are characters in.

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